A full range of CCS2 charging socket / CCS 2 inlet has been developed and launched

  • 2023-04-27 15:00:12
  • Author:Saichuan Electronics

The CCS 2 charging socket/ccs 2 inlet developed and produced by Zhengzhou Saichuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has completed the expansion of current specifications, from the original 200A, 250A to 80A/125A/150A/200A/250A/300A/400A, more optional, To give customers more choices, all models have passed strict test verification and obtained corresponding certificates.

ccs 2 socket.jpg

Provide customers with the appearance of two installation methods, which are divided into front installation and rear installation, to adapt to different installation scenarios.

Electronic lock 12V/24V optional.

95mm² and 120mm² cables are ultrasonically welded, with low temperature rise and strong stability.

Saichuan Electronics European standard CCS2 charging socket is installed on the electric vehicle. It can realize the charging function by cooperating with the ccs2 charging cable. The product meets IEC 62196.3-2022, standard interface 3-IVa, and meets RoH2.0 requirements.

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