250A CCS2 Charging Cable / CCS2 Plug
250A CCS2 Charging Cable / CCS2 Plug
250A CCS2 Charging Cable / CCS2 Plug
250A CCS2 Charging Cable / CCS2 Plug
250A CCS2 Charging Cable / CCS2 Plug
250A CCS2 Charging Cable / CCS2 Plug
250A CCS2 Charging Cable / CCS2 Plug
250A CCS2 Charging Cable / CCS2 Plug

250A CCS2 Charging Cable / CCS2 Plug

80A CCS 2 DC charging cable, cable length can be customized, rated voltage 1000V, current specification 80A/200A/250A/300A optional.
Key Features:

The product meets IEC 62196.3-2022

The wire diameter is small, and the overall weight is light

Replaceable DC power terminals reduce maintenance costs


250A CCS2 Charging Cable Introduction

Saichuan CCS2 Charging Cable(Combined Charging System plug), suitable for DC fast charging of electric vehicles, can quickly charge Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) and Electric Vehicles(EV) . With direct current (DC) through the CCS2 Socket, for installation in electric vehicle charging stations ( EVSE). 

CCS Type 2 supporting AC & DC Charging standards of Europe/ Australia and increasingly global standards.

Complete current specifications, 80A/200A/250A/300A optional.

CCS2 plug

250A ccs2 charging cable Features 

  • Comply with the relevant standards and requirements of IEC62196-3, and develop and produce based on IATF 16949 automotive standards and ISO 9001 standards.

  • The DC power terminal and the assembly surface frame can be replaced separately, which is convenient for maintenance and reduces the cost of use.

ccs 2 plug

  • Adopting the third-generation design concept, the appearance is beautiful. The handheld design conforms to the principles of ergonomics and feels comfortable in the hand.

  • CCS2 Charging cable for every application, from garages to charging areas, in custom lengths. The cable is made of XLPO material and TPU sheath, which improves the bending life and wear resistance of the cable. The better material on the market at present, complies with the EU standard.

  • The protection level of the product reaches IP55 (working state). Even in harsh environments, the product can isolate water and enhance safe use.

  • Customer company logo can be attached if required. Provide OEM/ODM services, which is beneficial for customers to expand the market.


1. The CCS2 plug conforms to the standard IEC62196.3-2022, and must be matched with a CCS2 socket conforming to the IEC62196 standard.

2. After charging, ensure that the CCS2 plug is placed in a suitable charging gun empty seat, that is, according to the requirements of the IEC61851-1 standard, an empty seat that can provide the minimum protection level of IP24 during the entire time period between charging.

Electrical performance
Rated current

DC+/DC-: 250A; PP/CP: 2A Max

Rated voltageDC+/DC-:1000V DC; PP/CP 30V DC
Withstand voltageBetween DC+, DC-, PE: 3000V AC (room temperature); Between PP and CP: 500V AC (room temperature)
Insulation resistance≥100MΩ (DC+&DC-&PE, DC 1000V), (CP,PP, temperature sensing line, DC 500V)
Temperature rise <50K
Temperature Sensor2×PT1000
Charging standardCCS2
Cable length 3 m ±45 mm (customizable)
Wiring standardsIEC62893 & EN50620
Cable structure

4*35mm²+1*16mm²+1*10mm²+1*0.75mm²(P)+5*0.75mm² (250A);

Sheath material TPU
Mechanical behavior
Insertion/extraction life > 10000 times
Insertion and withdrawal force< 100 N
Environment performance
Protection level IP55
Ambient temperature-40℃~50℃
Salt spray level96H
Primary material
Shell partPC
Insulator partPA
Seal partSilicone Rubber
Contact partsSilver Plated Copper Alloy
Flame retardant levelUL94 V-0

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