Electric Vehicle Charging Inlet

Saichuan Electronics specializes in R&D and production of Hybrid & EV Charging Inlet, including ccs type 2 inlet and gbt socket. Our electric car charging sockets have passed CE TUV ROHS certification, providing safe and fast charging for new energy vehicles.
We often provide OEM and ODM to our customers, and our products sell well all over the world.

CCS 2 Socket / CCS Type 2 Inlet With Cable

  • Comply with IEC 62196.3-2022
  • DC 80A/125A/150A/200A/250A/300A/400A optional
  • AC 32A three-phase
  • Wire Diameter:16mm²/35mm²/50mm²/70mm²/95mm²/120mm²
  • 12V/24V electronic lock optional
  • Meet TUV/CE certification requirements

GB/T 80A/125A/200A/250A EV Charging DC Socket

  • The power terminals can be replaced quickly and individually, which reduces after-sales costs and facilitates product maintenance;
  • Modular assembly of parts, batch operation, and shorten the delivery cycle.
  • Rated voltage: 750V, Withstand voltage: 3000V AC
  • Rated current: 80A/125A/200A/250A
  • 80A/125A DC fast charging sockets are widely used in electric minivans, electric sightseeing cars, electric forklifts and other

GB/T 16A/32A EV Charging AC Socket

  • The electronic lock occupies a small space, which is conducive to the layout of the whole vehicle;
  • It can realize the first crimping, and then the threading assembly, the wiring is simple, and the assembly efficiency is high.
  • Rated current: 16A/32A
  • Rated voltage: 250V
  • Applicable wire diameter: 2.5mm²/4mm²/6mm²

Type 2 16A 32A EV Charging Socket Outlet

  • Output Current: 16A/32A with electromagnetic lock
  • Rated Volatge: 250V/480V
  • Protection Grade: IP55
  • Charging cable length: Customization

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Do you have any questions about our DC charging ports for new energy vehicles? Please feel free to send us your special needs and we will be happy to assist you further.


Our EV charger socket are widely used in trucks, buses, sanitation vehicles, passenger cars, commercial vehicles, etc. powered by new energy high-voltage batteries

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Self-built two production bases for high-voltage wire harnesses and high-voltage connectors, with more than 100 professional production equipment, leading production lines in the industry;


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