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CCS2 charging socket is an efficient, safe and convenient charging method, suitable for various types of electric vehicles. Its popularity will further promote the development of the electric vehicle industry and contribute to environmentally friendly travel.
The Saichuan Electronic SCZ series CCS2 charging socket‚Äč is installed on an electric vehicle. By cooperating with DC charging guns, the DC charging function is achieved. The product meets IEC 62196.3-2022, which meets ROHS requirements.
Sanewcable silicone rubber insulated cable is used extensively for robotic, petrochemical, industrial equipments and electronics ,aerospace and medical applications.
Market Analysis and Insights: Global High Voltage Cables in EV MarketThe global High Voltage Cables in EV market was valued at a considerable rate during the fo
Enterprise cloudification refers to a process in which an enterprise uses the Internet as its basis to implement information infrastructure, management, and bus
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