16A / 32A Type 2 AC Charging Inlet

16A / 32A Type 2 AC Charging Inlet

TYPE 2 Charging Socket for European Standard AC Charging, IEC 62196.2, 16 A / 32A , 250 V / 480V , Cable Gauge: 2.5 mm² / 6 mm², Cable Length: Customized, Electronic Lock: 12V Top Position, Rear Mounting, Direct plug the dust cover.
Key Features:

Output Current: 16A/32A with electromagnetic lock

Rated Volatge: 250V/480V

Protection Grade: IP55

Charging cable length: Customization


SCZ series European standard TYPE 2 charging sockets are installed on electric vehicles, and can realize charging function by cooperating with Type2 AC charging cables. The products meet IEC 62196.2, standard interface 2-IIf, and RoHS2.0 requirements.

The temperature sensor is close to the power terminal, with high sensitivity, accuracy and reliability

12V DC electronic lock, switch type/resistive type optional

Electrical properties
Rated current

L1/L2/L3/N: 16A / 32A;   


Wire Diameter

L1/L2/L3/N: 2.5mm² / 6mm²; 

Rated voltage

L1/L2/L3/N: 250V / 480V; 


Withstand voltage

L1/L2/L3/N/PE and other contacts: 2000V AC(normal temperature); 

other contacts:500V AC(normal temperature)

Insulation resistance≥5000MΩ(normal temperature) under 1000V DC
Terminal temperature rise<50K
Electronic locks12V
Electronic locks locationTop center
Mechanical properties
Insertion/withdrawal cycles>10,000 times
Insertion/Withdrawal force<100N
Environmental properties
Ambient temperature-40℃~+50℃
Degree of Protection

IP44(After mated)

Salt spray class96h
Main material
Insulation partPA
Sealing partSilicone Rubber
Contact partCopper alloy
Mounting type Rear mounting
Mounting hole diameter6.5 mm (ø)
Fixing screwsM6
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